Hi there,

Lara Dziurdzy

Welcome to Briarwood Photography. I trust that you have taken a moment and glanced through some of the albums in the earlier pages and have enjoyed the show. And since you are now here, you may be a little curious about the photographer behind them.

Some photographers will be proud to tell you about their hard earned and justly deserved degrees, extensive travels, exclusive clients and award winning shots. I however and I can say this with a smile, took a very different path to where I am today. I do have a formal education it just happens to be from a degree in biology and neuroscience (yes, I admit I’ve changed careers a few times along the way). Extensive traveling? I adore it (haven’t done enough) but for fun I suggest you check out the wedding section and enjoy the warmth of a destination wedding I recently did in Mexico. Do I have exclusive clients? In my world every client deserves to be treated as such, whether they have two legs or four. Award winning shots? I can modestly say that yes, I have those but it is from the perspective of my happy clients, something I value most.

When I first started my photography business, my focus was primarily on Equine photography (I have owned a horse since I was barely old enough to care for it). My admiration and love for this spectacular creature through personal experience and competition in various disciplines, has only grown stronger since childhood. The continuing goal to capture the beauty, the spirit, the intelligence, the talent, the power and strength, the gentleness and timeless grace; what other animal could portray such a myriad of characteristics and yet always present a challenge in portraying that essence. Throw into that combination the beauty and complexity of light and shadow and yes we just might have one of those award winning shots.

If you’re an animal lover like me, not only do our families include spouses, parents, grandparents and children, they also include those special creatures: our dogs, cats and horses (just to name a few). Many of my clients want to have their animals photographed in a special way that does justice to their characters and the love that they evoke. It's the same for me; the dark bay horse on the home page is Briarwood himself, aka Woody, my sweetheart. The Shepherds are two of my beloved canine friends, a privilege to have such creatures in my life.

But let's not forget the Brides! These ladies (and their fiancés), are very special people and a wedding should be fun; filled with romance, beauty, tradition, perhaps a tear or two, and over-all radiating happiness. How could I resist not wanting to capture these memories in a special and timeless manner? I am always honoured to be invited, and given the privilege to photograph such a special event. The truth is, I’m a secret romantic and the idea of creating beautiful and timeless wedding pictures is a great pleasure. Each couple will have their own ideas, perceptions and desires of what kind of photographs they want to have. My goal is to provide every client with something a little artistic, a little traditional, a little different, perhaps edgy but definitely unique.

If you would like to discuss a personal photo session or your wedding plans, I’d certainly be more than happy to answer any questions that you might have.